Thursday, June 20, 2024

Datin Winnie Sin

The lovely Winnie Sin sits in her luxuriously decorated appointment room, where she has entertained celebrity clients from Siti Nurhazalia to Anita Sarawak and the who’s who of high society, and proclaims, “Jewellery is a very personalised experience. Matching the right jewellery to the right person is an art”. Her passion for all things bright and beautiful has led to her rather charmed lifestyle, advising society’s crème de la crème on the piece that best brings out their unique character, as well as hosting some of society’s most colourful events with the most beautiful people in it.

The Director of Rafflesia, which specialises in pearls, jade and other precious gems understands first impressions perfectly. She is always dressed impeccably, and she is surrounded by beauty queens and models who do her jewellery justice. And her incredible beauty is perfectly complemented by her simple humility and lovely graciousness – a testament to her roots from a humble village in Kuala Selangor.

But this taste for elegance transcends also into the way her jewellery are presented. “People buy an experience, not merely a product, and in our profession, we have to ensure that we give them the class and elegance that goes with wearing the jewellery, and feeling like a million dollars while at it,” she enthuses.

Here’s a lady who should grace any event, let alone our list of inviteds, because she is the delectable morsel of good taste that is a bonus addition to any menu on the table.

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