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Meg Whitman: Mission Nearly Impossible

Widely recognized for her transformative roles, Meg Whitman’s tenure at Hewlett Packard Enterprise serves as a testament to her visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to driving sustainable growth and organisational success.

Previously only in print format, this article now ventures into the digital domain here with VOICE OF ASIA.

When Meg Whitman was appointed to her present position in HP in September 2011, the computing giant was in the doldrums. The losses for that year totalled US$3.3 billion, it was haemorrhaging money and the company was on death watch. Nearly three years later, the company’s share prices have tripled from the time she took over to today. Not that it has been an easy road, and for two years after Whitman’s appointment HP was still posting losses. But good strategy – like wine – takes time to mature, and Whitman stuck to her guns. By focusing on R&D and customer needs, Whitman reminded the team at HP that the key to survival and success in the IT industry is to always innovate and forecast what the customers’ want before they want it. While her predecessor had slashed research funding in order to cut costs, Meg Whitman has shown that sometimes, if not always, it is not about spending and saving, but about spending on the right things.

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