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First of Many: Maritime Digitalisation Sets Sail with Starlink Satellite on Norstar Managed Vessel, More to Follow

SINGAPORE, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Norstar Ship Management (NSM), a pioneering force in the maritime industry, is proud to announce a groundbreaking step towards the future of maritime digitalization with the installation of Starlink satellite technology on one of its managed vessels, the Golden Curl. This strategic move marks a significant advancement in connectivity and communication at sea, addressing the growing demand for improved connectivity and bringing a host of benefits to vessel operations and crew welfare.

The Growing Need for Maritime Digitalization in the Modern Era

In an era defined by technological progress, maritime digitalization has emerged as a crucial aspect of modern shipping. As vessels traverse the world’s oceans, reliable and high-speed communication is essential for seamless operations, crew welfare, and efficient logistics management. Recognizing this need, Norstar embarked on a journey to explore advanced connectivity solutions that could revolutionize the maritime industry.

Introducing Starlink Satellite Technology

Starlink, a project by SpaceX, is at the forefront of the global mission to provide internet coverage on a global scale. Leveraging a low-earth orbit satellite constellation, Starlink offers unparalleled advantages for maritime applications, overcoming the limitations of traditional maritime communication systems.

Norstar’s Bold Move: Installation of Starlink on Golden Curl

Demonstrating their commitment to ship digitalisation, Norstar successfully installed Starlink satellite technology on the Golden Curl, one of their managed vessels. The installation took place on 12th May 2023 in Singapore and was met with enthusiasm from the crew onboard.  Norstar’s IT Manager, Albert Santiago, personally tested the system and was impressed with its capabilities, boasting speeds of up to 300MBPS.

To showcase the system’s effectiveness, a video conference was conducted between Albert Santiago and the Technical Superintendent in charge of Golden Curl, Aditya Budhraja. The crystal-clear communication and seamless data transfer during the video conference highlighted the potential of Starlink in transforming maritime communication.

Furthermore, the crew members onboard shared their testimonials, with one crew member stating, “It is faster than our home internet in Yangon!” The improved connectivity not only enhances crew welfare but also optimizes various vessel operations.

Transforming Maritime Operations with Digitalization

The installation of Starlink on the Golden Curl has immediate positive implications for vessel operations, navigation, and real-time data analysis. This transformative digitalization enhances communication, boosts crew morale during long voyages, and optimizes logistics, supply chain management, and fleet coordination.

Future Plans

Norstar aims to extend the implementation of Starlink satellite technology to all its managed vessels, subject to owners’ approval. Albert Santiago, the IT Manager at Norstar, expressed the company’s dedication, stating, “We will do our very best to encourage our vessel owners to install Starlink on their vessels as it is a big step forward towards ship digitalization.”

This strategic move not only promises cost savings and operational advantages for Norstar but also reinforces its commitment to offer cutting-edge solutions that drive the maritime industry forward.

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About Norstar Ship Management 

Norstar Ship Management is a global leader in the maritime industry, offering comprehensive ship management, crew management, and commercial management services. With a strong emphasis on innovation and technology, Norstar continually seeks new ways to enhance vessel performance, crew welfare, and client satisfaction.

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