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Korea’s Leading Health Functional Food Brand JungKwanJang Enters Malaysia’s Guardian and Watsons

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia and SEOUL, South Korea, June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JungKwanJang, South Korea’s leading health functional food brand, has entered Malaysia’s largest health and beauty stores, Guardian and Watsons. The company has launched its flagship products such as “Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime” and health beverages like “Hong Sam Won” and “GoodBase Korean Red Ginseng with Pomegranate.”

Korea's Leading Health Functional Food Brand JungKwanJang Enters Malaysia's Guardian and Watsons
Korea’s Leading Health Functional Food Brand JungKwanJang Enters Malaysia’s Guardian and Watsons

The three products are now sold in over 100 Guardian stores including One Utama Shopping Mall in Selangor, Malaysia, and “Hong Sam Won” in over 150 Watsons stores including Kuala Lumpur’s Pavillion Shopping Mall, with plans to introduce “Everytime” in the third quarter.

The flagship product “Korean Red Ginseng Extract Everytime,” a stick-type red ginseng product, has been popular not only in Korea but also in overseas markets including China and the United States, achieving accumulated sales of approximately $950 million since its launch in 2012. It has notably been the top-selling single item in duty-free shops at Incheon International Airport and consistently maintains a top-three sales ranking, establishing itself as a must-buy item for travelers to Korea.

JungKwanJang has signed up Kang Tae-oh, who gained popularity in the ASEAN regions through the Netflix drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” as the Asian region model for “Everytime.” From June 3 to 9, the company conducted an exclusive roadshow at Suria KLCC Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, receiving a great response from local consumers through major product tasting events and various events featuring model Kang.

In addition to Malaysia, JungKwanJang is actively expanding in ASEAN regions. In Singapore, it has successfully established modern traditional medicine store chains through contracts with local shopping malls and department stores, selling flagship products like “Everytime” and “GoodBase” (Pomegranate/Aronia).

In Vietnam, it has achieved sales growth through recognized product quality and targeted marketing toward locals, winning the Korean Health Food Brand Award in Vietnam last year.

According to global market research firm Euromonitor, JungKwanJang has recorded the highest sales in the world’s ginseng retail market for 10 consecutive years and achieved a market share of 46% in the global ginseng retail market last year.

A JungKwanJang official said, “We will continue to strive to introduce good products that consumers worldwide can trust and enjoy, through continuous research and quality management.”

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