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Kyoto Sangyo University and The GrowHub Innovations Foster Strategic Partnership for Technological Advancement and Collaboration

SINGAPORE, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kyoto Sangyo University (KSU), The GrowHub Innovations Company, and GrowHub Japan (The GrowHub), have solidified a significant tripartite partnership aimed at enhancing technological innovation and fostering collaboration opportunities between academia and industry. The agreement was formalized on 8 September during a momentous signing ceremony held at the GrowHub Innovation Centre @ Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA).

Left to Right: Dr Daiki Nakaoka - Country head, GrowHub Japan, Prof.Akira Kurosaka - President, Kyoto Sangyo University, Mr Lester Chan - CEO, The GrowHub Innovations Company
Left to Right: Dr Daiki Nakaoka – Country head, GrowHub Japan, Prof.Akira Kurosaka – President, Kyoto Sangyo University, Mr Lester Chan – CEO, The GrowHub Innovations Company

The President of Kyoto Sangyo University, Professor Akira Kurosaka, and The GrowHub’s CEO, Mr. Lester Chan, and GrowHub Japan country head, Dr. Daiki Nakaoka came together to mark the inception of this promising alliance. Joining them were esteemed members of KSU’s top management faculty, emphasizing the high level of commitment from both institutions.

Kyoto Sangyo University is dedicated to instilling a well-rounded education that encompasses liberal arts and entrepreneurship, nurturing a dynamic learning environment for its students and alumni. As a symbol of this, KSU established its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship this year to dedicate itself to comprehensive entrepreneurship education that transcends the boundaries between the social and natural sciences.

The GrowHub, Asia Pacific’s foremost traceability platform for food and skincare, manages the GrowHub Innovation Centre and the Data Hub within the prestigious Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia. This collaboration extends a warm invitation to KSU students, alumni, and participants in its Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to engage in collaborative initiatives with Australian businesses and enterprises within the GrowHub Innovation Centre. Additionally, The GrowHub is enthusiastic about harnessing the advanced technologies and cutting-edge research capabilities of Kyoto Sangyo University to further bolster its platform’s footprint across the Asia Pacific region.

The GrowHub is honoured to have hosted President Akira Kurosaka and the management delegation from KSU at the GrowHub Innovation Centre. The delegation was warmly received by the Shire of Murray, underscoring the community’s excitement and support for this promising partnership.

Mr. Lester Chan, CEO of The GrowHub, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration presents an exciting avenue for mutual growth and achievement. Kyoto Sangyo University’s expertise in satellite imaging, artificial intelligence, and data processing perfectly aligns with our objectives for technological advancement. We are confident that this collaboration will expedite our progress in the region.”

This strategic partnership is poised to invigorate business activities at the GrowHub Innovation Centre, creating avenues for impactful research, technology commercialization, and knowledge exchange. The collaboration is expected to foster robust relationships and drive meaningful innovation on both fronts.

KSU’s President Professor Akira Kurosaka conveyed his anticipation for the partnership, highlighting, “This partnership encapsulates our commitment to leveraging academia-industry synergy for transformative technological outcomes. We are excited about the potential to contribute to The GrowHub’s regional growth while providing unique opportunities for our students and faculty to engage with industry leaders.”

The groundwork for this partnership was established earlier when The GrowHub’s CEO and GrowHub Japan’s country head, Dr. Daiki Nakaoka, visited Kyoto Sangyo University. Impressed by the university’s state-of-the-art facilities and pioneering advancements, the parties were motivated to embark on this strategic collaboration. Dr. Daiki Nakaoka shared his view that “This partnership marks the first steps in building a strong and effective cross border innovation ecosystem.”

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