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Personetics Recognized by Celent as a Global Leader in Personal Financial Engagement (PFE) for Retail Banking

Beyond PFM: “Leader in proactive customer engagement” lauded for AI-powered PFE in Celent report 

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Personetics, the global leader in AI-based personalized engagement solutions for financial institutions, has been prominently featured in a new report from leading analyst firm Celent titled “Personal Financial Engagement Solutions for Retail Banking.” The report provides an in-depth analysis of the rapidly evolving personal financial engagement (PFE) solution space and the capabilities of 13 vendors. 

Personetics recognized by Celent as a Global Leader in Personal Financial Engagement (PFE) for Retail Banking

The Celent report highlights how PFE solutions have advanced significantly beyond basic personal financial management (PFM), spending analysis and budgeting tools – utilizing real-time analytics, AI, and rich transaction data to provide tailored recommendations, automated goal tracking, and proactive guidance and automated journeys directly to banking customers.  

As the report states, “Customer engagement is becoming the primary way banks deliver ongoing value to their customers … delivered continually through highly personalized and often proactive engagement,” and “financial institutions should sharpen their thinking about customer engagement through financial wellness and adopt an updated approach to PFE.”  

Personetics is recognized as a global leader, with the report noting its “mature and evolving product covering well-defined components of customer engagement and bank value.” It highlights Personetics’ powerful no-code tools that allow financial institutions to develop custom, financial data-driven actionable insights and to quickly deploy journeys, as well as differentiated proactive and automated savings propositions. 

“Personetics has been a leader in proactive customer engagement and enrichment of the digital banking experience for over a decade,” states the Celent report. Its “offering is tightly focused on ROI for banks, supporting a number of retention, deposit growth, and cross-sell/service opportunities.” The report cites several of Personetics’ larger bank clients that “have achieved impressive customer engagement with this platform” which ultimately “should return measurable value to the organization.” 

The report emphasizes how PFE solutions enable financial institutions to drive stronger customer engagement, retention, deposit growth and cross-selling opportunities by incorporating personalized financial wellness capabilities into their digital banking channels.  

As one of Celent’s key recommendations, it advises banks to “incorporate PFE into a wider customer financial wellness program” to multiply value and engagement. 

“We’re honored to be recognized as global leaders in Celent’s authoritative new report on the personal financial engagement landscape,” said Udi Ziv, CEO of Personetics. “This recognition validates our long-standing vision and commitment to helping FIs transform routine transactions into valuable personalized experiences that improve financial wellness and build lasting customer loyalty.” 

Learn More at the Upcoming Webinar 

Personetics’ VP of Strategy and Business Development Dorel Blitz, and Celent analysts Bob Meara and Michael Bernard, will explore the power of PFE in an exclusive webinar on June 26. “Beyond PFM: The Rise of Impactful PFE (Personal Financial Engagement)” will dive deeper into the key findings and recommendations from Celent’s report, provide a roadmap for banks to craft and implement an effective PFE strategy, and showcase real-world examples of financial institutions driving impact with Personetics’ solutions. 

Register for the webinar to secure your spot. 

Download a free copy of the Celent Report: “Personal Financial Engagement Solutions for Retail Banking” to gain a deeper understanding of the PFE landscape and how it can benefit your financial institution. 

About Personetics

Personetics is the global leader in financial data-driven personalization, enabling financial institutions to forge deeper relationships by enhancing clients’ financial wellness and helping them make smarter decisions. Personetics reaches 135 million customers across 35 global markets while serving more than 100 financial institutions. Personetics’ AI analyzes financial data in real-time to understand customer financial behavior, anticipate needs, and deliver a hyper-personalized experience with day-to-day actionable insights, personalized recommendations, product-based financial advice, and automated financial wellness programs. The company has offices in New York, London, Singapore, São Paulo, and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit www.personetics.com.  

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