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SHEBA® Hope Advocate Program: The Next Phase in the World’s Largest Global Reef Restoration Initiative

MAKASSAR, Indonesia, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SHEBA®, a Mars, Incorporated pet food brand, has completed the SHEBA® Hope Advocate Program, bringing together two Indonesian hosts and five global advocates from the SHEBA® Hope Grows Collective, UK, Germany, USA and Southeast Asia (SEA) to work on the world’s largest global reef restoration program. The SEA representative was Alif Kazman, a marine biologist from Malaysia. The program is part of a global reef restoration movement, SHEBA® Hope Grows.

Alif Kazman, a marine biologist from Malaysia representing Southeast Asia in SHEBA Hope Grows Advocate 2023
Alif Kazman, a marine biologist from Malaysia representing Southeast Asia in SHEBA Hope Grows Advocate 2023

The advocates concluded their 10-day adventure at the SHEBA® Hope Reef in Bontosua, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. They had the opportunity to work with the local community, received practical restoration training and restored an area of coral reef using Reef Stars, the ‘hero’ of the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System.

“As a young scientist, it was an honor for me to be selected as a SHEBA® Hope Advocate representing SEA. It was eye-opening to see the scale of the SHEBA® Hope Reef and its impact on the local community, researchers and field officers to support reef restoration. I am eager to impart knowledge about marine conservation to my peers and the younger generation,” said Alif.

“We are thrilled to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the world’s largest coral reef restoration program. The SHEBA® brand is a proud part of the Mars family – driven by our purpose to create a better world for pets. It’s more than simply a cat food company; their global movement Hope Grows is inspiring change to protect the environment, our climate and local communities,” stated Dr. Susan Wan, General Manager, Mars Petcare Indonesia.

“The SHEBA® Hope Advocate Program has received positive response globally. With over 250 applications from the US, UK, Germany, and Southeast Asia, including over 50 applications from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, we are delighted with the final seven advocates selected based on their passion for ocean conservation,” said Philippa Mansell, Indonesia Marine Program Lead, Mars Sustainable Solutions.

SHEBA® is also collaborating with selected retailers in Malaysia to collect donations for the iconic SHEBA® Hope Reef. For every purchase of any SHEBA® product, RM 0.50 will be donated to the SHEBA® Hope Reef. This limited promotion is available in Giant stores nationwide for offline shoppers (until 31st Oct 2023), and in Lazada Malaysia (Whiskas and Pedigree Flagship Store) for online shoppers (until 21st Nov 2023).

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