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XING Mobility Unveils IMMERSIO™ XE50, a Game-Changer for Energy Storage System Market

Revolutionary Immersion Cooling Energy Storage Battery Solution Shines at The Battery Show Europe, Addressing Challenges in Energy Storage Applications

TAIPEI, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — XING Mobility, a global pioneer in immersion cooling battery technology, launches a disruptive energy storage battery solution, IMMERSIO™ XE50. Designed for both renewable energy applications and commercial and residential uses, XE50 offers both safety and performance, capable of reaching up to 1500V. Debuting at The Battery Show Europe 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany, from June 18-20, the IMMERSIO™ XE50 highlights how XING Mobility’s innovative immersion cooling battery module technology drives energy storage system performance upgrades.

Starting in the electric supercar industry, XING mobility’s IMMERSIO™ immersion cooling battery technology is the only Taiwanese battery system to pass the European automotive standards and a 100,000-kilometer durability test by Japanese automakers. These advancements attracted investment and product integration from Kubota, a global leader in agricultural machinery. The debut of the IMMERSIO™ XE50 energy storage system marks its official entry into the global energy storage market.

XING Mobility’s IMMERSIO™ immersion cooling battery technology addresses the critical safety and thermal management challenges in high-voltage batteries, gaining significant recognition in the global EV and energy storage markets. With precise temperature control within 3% and an innovative structural design, the system extends battery life by 15% and saves approximately 40% in space and weight, thereby reducing operational costs[1]. The IMMERSIO™ XE50 features superior temperature control for rapid cooldown and immediate recharging after fast discharge, ideal for energy applications[2]. It is suitable for Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR) usage, contributing to the grid stability and large-scale energy storage application.

“We’ve demonstrated that our technology meets the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability in various applications, particularly in energy storage, through partnerships in Norway and Taiwan.” Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO of XING Mobility stated, “The launch of the IMMERSIO™ XE50 marks our exciting entry into the global energy storage market, offering substantial advancements in safety and efficiency for energy storage systems. We’re committed to driving the energy transition forward with efficient, sustainable, and reliable immersion cooling solutions.”

In 2023, XING Mobility conducted the world’s first three-nail penetration safety test on the IMMERSIO™ XM25 immersion cooling battery system, demonstrating its ability to manage thermal runaway risks, with punctured cells dropping from 1,600 degrees to below 600 degrees within 10 seconds and stabilizing surrounding cells within 20 seconds. This system is currently employed in Hummingbird®, the world’s first portable and scalable mobile fast-charging station by Nordic Booster.

XING Mobility also collaborated with Remotek Corporation to create Taiwan’s first immersion cooling 2.4 MWh energy storage cabinet for Taipower Company’s Changbin Windfarm, operational since late March 2024. XING Mobility’s partnerships with more energy storage system integrators worldwide are anticipated to yield orders totaling 30 to 50 MWh in 2024.

XING Mobility will demonstrate the IMMERSIO™ XE50 for the first time at The Battery Show Europe 2024, at Hall 8-C45, showcasing XING Mobility’s strength in developing and manufacturing safe, stable, and efficient high-voltage battery systems.

[1] The IMMERSIO™ XE50 module utilizes high-energy-density NMC cells offering significant advantages over traditional air-cooling systems with low-energy-density LFP cells and could save approximately 40% in space and weight.

[2] Traditional air-cooling energy storage battery systems cannot continuously perform 1C/1C charging and discharging cycles without several hours of cooling down, posing a significant challenge for renewable energy applications like solar and wind power, which require adaptability to unstable climatic conditions.

More at: https://www.xingmobility.com/ 

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