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Creta Class Joins Hands with Singapore Science Centre to Spark Children’s Interest in Maths

SINGAPORE, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Combining their expertise in educational technology with cutting-edge AI, leading EdTech company Creta Class partnered with the world-famous Science Centre Singapore. Together, they hosted a week-long event at Jurong Point from March 11th to 17th. This engaging event aimed to spark a love of maths in children, while also demonstrating the important link between maths and science to the public.

Creta Class Joins Hands with Singapore Science Centre to Spark Children's Interest in Maths
Creta Class Joins Hands with Singapore Science Centre to Spark Children’s Interest in Maths

A destination of public science education, the Science Centre Singapore is dedicated to the promotion of science and techonology among Singaporean children. Through this collaboration, Creta Class and the Science Centre created a week of engaging maths activities. These activities utilised cutting-edge AI teaching methods to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience for children. Through this event, more parents and children came to understand the importance of maths as the foundation of science, as well as its critical role in children’s growth and future success in STEM fields.

The week-long event drew hundreds of parents and children, who eagerly participated in Creta Class’s meticulously designed and fun-filled maths activities. Focusing on familiar maths concepts like balance and shapes in everyday life, Creta Class used fascinating balancing tools, colorful chips, and even ordinary objects to help children explore and grasp the principles of weight and equilibrium. Additionally, they incorporated tangram puzzles to create familiar animals, fostering children’s spatial reasoning and creativity.

Titled “Where Maths Meets Science,” the event was a seamless blend of learning and fun. Creta Class brought maths to life through interactive AI-powered lessons, helping children make connections between mathematical concepts and the world around them. Children enthusiastically called out answers as they linked geometric shapes to animal images.

David, a father of a 5-year-old child, noted that “Creta Class has transformed mathematics into an exploration-filled journey. Through personalised cognitive training, it helps parents nurture children’s logical thinking skills and cultivate enduring interests in STEM fields. Seeing my child’s smile and active participation, I believe she is falling in love with learning maths at Creta Class!”

“At Creta Class, we believe technology can unlock new possibilities in education,” a company representative explained. “By partnering with prestigious institutions like the Science Centre Singapore, we can create engaging and effective learning experiences that resonate with both children and parents. Seeing their shared enthusiasm at this event is truly heartwarming. It reinforces the trust parents place in our unique educational approach.”

About Creta Class:

Creta Class is a global brand with a presence in the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India, and beyond. It integrates AI technology with educational expertise to provide a fun and inspiring learning experience for children around the world.


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