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coocaa 100″ Eye-Max QLED TV merges technology and quality living, showcasing three core innovations in Vietnam’s market

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the vibrant context of Vietnam’s TV market, coocaa emerges as a beacon of technological innovation, infusing the essence of happiness into the fabric of high-quality life. With a legacy spanning 35 years and a team of more than 1,800 dedicated engineers worldwide, coocaa is at the forefront of pioneering breakthroughs in television technology. The launch of the 100-inch Eye-Max QLED TV, powered by three core technologies, underscores coocaa’s continued dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological excellence, marking a moment in time turning point in the field of family entertainment.

coocaa 100" Eye-Max QLED TV
coocaa 100″ Eye-Max QLED TV

The colossal 100″ QLED luxury TV from coocaa dwarfs its competitors, it is equivalent to the combined screen area of 98″ TVs and 19″ TVs currently on the market. It’s truly a big screen TV! The addition of Dolby Version and HDR 10+ also improves picture quality. High refresh rate of 120Hz ensures every image transition is displayed with clarity and smoothness Incredible, capture every wonderful moment. Infinity display with local dimming provides a vast, bezel-less view and enhanced screen brightness and contrast ensure true-to-life images, can further optimize your viewing experience. 

Sound is not merely heard but felt with Dolby Atmos, as it intricately maps soundscapes in three-dimensional space, intensifying the emotional resonance of cinematic narratives. With five high-quality speakers, the immersive audio experience transcends boundaries, enveloping audiences in a symphony of clarity and realism. The minutiae of sound effects are rendered with unparalleled precision, deepening the connection to on-screen emotions and narratives, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

coocaa’s commitment to total health extends to eye protection technology honed through 23 years of research. Flicker-free technology, using DC dimming, minimizes invisible hazards during operation, protecting eye health with gentle precision. Night mode automatically adjusts screen color to warmer tones, reducing eye aging and perfecting family happiness. Intelligent backlight adjustment via Eye Protection Mode ensures preferred viewing conditions tailored to individual preferences, combining health benefits and design.

The 100″ QLED luxury TV is the star product of coocaa’s three core technologies. As the largest 100″ QLED TV in the Vietnam market, coocaa truly integrates the happiness of technology into people’s life. coocaa will also continue to launch more cutting-edge technologies to allow people to enjoy the beauty of technology.

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