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Docquity accelerates growth for pediatric multivitamin distributor Green Nature Farm in Indonesia

  • GNF leverages Docquity’s Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) Program and local partnerships to build HCP relationships and expand distribution across Indonesia over seven years
  • GNF hits 20% of its overall doctor outreach target in just one month since the partnership started

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Docquity, Southeast Asia’s largest healthcare professional (HCP) community, announced a strategic seven-year collaboration with P.T. Green Nature Farm (GNF), the Indonesian distribution partner of Korean healthcare leader Cho-A Pharmaceutical, to bolster the market growth of its pediatric multivitamin line in Indonesia.

Docquity’s proprietary Awareness to Advocacy (A2A) Program equips GNF with a comprehensive suite of solutions to drive HCP education through omnichannel outreach and generate HCP leads through online and offline medical representatives (MRs). Extending the capabilities of the program with commercial outsourcing support, Docquity connects GNF with local partners to expand its sales distribution network nationwide. Targeting to connect with over 7,600 HCPs (pediatricians and general practitioners) in Indonesia over seven years, GNF has already achieved 20% of its goal in just one month since the partnership started.

Since 2021, GNF has held the approval and license for Cho-A’s pediatric multivitamins in Indonesia, promoting them directly to patients through pharmacy chains and online platforms. However, its products were previously only available in one region in Indonesia, and further market growth was constrained by its lack of a dedicated promotional team and limited reach to doctors and medical organizations.

“As the largest HCP community in Indonesia, Docquity is an innovative partner uniquely positioned to help us effectively reach our target doctors, both online and offline. It serves as an impactful ‘one-stop-shop’ to nurture the right HCP relationships and strengthen our product’s availability across the country. This will be instrumental in making essential nutrients more accessible to the children who need them the most,” said Aningsih, Director, PT. Green Nature Farm (GNF).

Fostering Meaningful HCP Connections

Docquity’s A2A Program leverages its in-depth HCP network insights and robust omnichannel solutions to build direct brand recognition and trust among GNF’s target HCPs in Indonesia. Docquity develops and delivers tailored scientific educational content through its platform and various digital channels, and HCPs expressing interest in further engagement are then contacted by MRs who can interact with them online or offline based on their preferences. Docquity tracks user interactions and optimizes strategies in real-time, monitoring the business impact of campaigns through its proprietary Intent to Prescribe (ITP) metric.

Growing Market Penetration across Indonesia

Docquity also collaborates with local distributors to ensure product availability in hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy chains nationwide, optimizing GNF’s supply chain and increasing its footprint across the archipelago.

“Docquity’s Awareness to Advocacy Program and strong local partnerships enable us to provide end-to-end sales and marketing support for healthcare companies looking to build their presence in Southeast Asia. From data-driven omnichannel campaigns to nurturing HCP relationships and ensuring efficient product access across markets, we empower healthcare companies to achieve their growth targets and enhance healthcare outcomes in the markets that we serve,”  said Christophe Meugnier, Chief Commercial Officer, Docquity.

About Docquity, https://docquity.com/

Docquity is Southeast Asia’s largest trusted community of verified healthcare professionals. Our vision is to connect healthcare professionals to build healthier lives around the world at scale. Docquity helps healthcare professionals learn, connect, and grow, and partners with companies to reach and educate healthcare professionals as well as provide insights into them.

Docquity has more than 410,000 HCPs on the platform and offices in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan region

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