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Final Tee-Off At Marina Bay Golf Course: The Sunset That Promises A New Dawn

NTUC Club continues to make the sport accessible and affordable for all through partnerships and its estate-less golf club, My Golf Kaki, amid plans for a new, integrated golf development.

SINGAPORE, June 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This Sunday on June 30, Marina Bay Golf Course (MBGC) – Singapore’s first and only 18-hole public golf course owned and managed by NTUC Club – will shutter as its land lease expires. Since its inception in 2006, MBGC has had an illustrious 18-year history, welcoming members of the public to experience its world-class facilities. It made its mark by earning numerous accolades including Best Public Golf Course in Asia Pacific and ranking among the Best Top 3 Best Golf Course in Singapore.

Marina Bay Golf Course, owned and managed by NTUC Club
Marina Bay Golf Course, owned and managed by NTUC Club

Fun fact: In the past 18 years, the well-loved MBGC has seen more than 1.3 million people on the greens and dispensed over 419 million driving range golf balls.

Despite the closure of MGBC, NTUC Club will continue to make the sport accessible and affordable through its estate-less golf club My Golf Kaki (MGK). This has been done by providing more slots to MGK members during weekdays as well as increasing the number of days night-golf is available at the Orchid Country Club (OCC). Together with the recent expansion of MGK’s portfolio of local and overseas courses including in Indonesia and Malaysia, MGK members can not only enjoy an easier planning and booking process, but have a wider variety of golf courses to choose from as well. 

Mr Lim Eng Lee, NTUC Club’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “Despite the closure of MBGC, we hope to continue to make golf an affordable and accessible sport. In anticipation of MBGC’s closure, we have stepped up efforts since last year to promote the affordable MGK membership to golfers. We are encouraged by the response with the community growing from 7,000, to over 9,000 members in the last 12 months. I am pleased that NTUC Club has been working closely with the SGA in our shared vision that golf can be an inclusive sport to be enjoyed by all.”

Mr Tan Chong Huat, President of the Singapore Golf Association (SGA), remarked: “The closure of the hugely popular Marina Bay Golf Course will significantly impact Singapore’s golfing community without access to a private golf club. We acknowledge the impact of land scarcity on the entry barrier and accessibility to playing golf in Singapore. As the national custodian of the sport, SGA will continue to play its leadership role in developing a robust golf ecosystem that strives to promote and develop the game of golf for all Singaporeans from all walks of life.”

He added that SGA will uphold its commitment to making golf an inclusive sport that contributes to the physical and mental well-being of Singaporeans. It remains dedicated to this mission and looks forward to working with stakeholders, including NTUC Club, to achieve pragmatic and beneficial outcomes aligned with urban growth needs and the development of golf in Singapore.

Similarly, NTUC Club is deeply committed to grow Singapore’s golfing community, and has been in discussion with the authorities for potential sites that can be developed under the Labour Movement (LM). NTUC Club plans for future LM golf courses to be inclusive with a new, integrated golf concept – one that is enhanced by additional recreational spaces for family-friendly activities such as cycling tracks, nature trails, and common spaces for picnics and performances. Future LM golf courses will welcome not just golfers, but the public and people from all walks of life.

Visuals of MBGC are available here.

About Marina Bay Golf Course

Opened in November 2006, Marina Bay Golf Course is Singapore’s only 18-hole public golf course. From a humble reclaimed land to the transformation into an award-winning golf course, this landmark is best known for the only par 6 in Singapore and signature island green overlooking the cityscape. Marina Bay Golf Course is operated by NCI Golf Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTUC Club.

About My Golf Kaki

Golf for all, Golf for Good. 

Teeing up a vision to be the trusted and leading golf community where everyone can experience and immerse themselves in the game of golf, regardless of status and abilities, My Golf Kaki (MGK) is an energetic community powered by UPlay. As avid golfers ourselves, we’re driven by a deep passion for making golf accessible and growing our community of Golf Kakis. Established in 2002, in 2023, we embarked on an exhilarating transformation, complete with a refreshed look and exciting new experiences for our kakis. We’re now even more committed to provide members with affordable and amazing golf experiences, complemented by unparalleled service. Join our vibrant golf community in making a positive difference through golf, where we create social impact and foster a strong sense of community! For more details on MGK, visit  www.mygolfkaki.com.

About NTUC Club

Established in 1986, NTUC Club is the leisure and entertainment arm of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) in Singapore. As part of the Labour Movement (LM), we are committed to providing diverse recreational options guided by values of care, passion, trust, and service. NTUC Club manages clubhouses across the island, Downtown East, D’Resort, Wild Wild Wet, Aranda Country Club, Orchid Country Club, and UPlay. Launched in 2023, UPlay offers ‘phygital’ recreational experiences, partnering with unions and companies to enhance social well-being and community engagement. NTUC Club also oversees community initiatives like nEbO, U Live and My Golf Kaki – promoting engagement and enrichment for workers. For more details on NTUC Club, visit www.ntucclub.com.sg.

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