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Enterprise AI Development and Management Service Launched

Enterprise AI Development and Management Service for SMEs by TS Cloud, a Google Partner

SINGAPORE, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TS Cloud has announced the launch of its Enterprise AI Development and Management Service, starting today. This new service aims to help businesses build and utilize their own AI using the company’s own data, marking the first step towards integrating AI into their daily business operations.

Service Overview

The Enterprise AI Development and Management Service leverages Google Vertex AI, combined with other Google Cloud services, to provide a comprehensive solution. Users only need to prepare their data, and TS Cloud will handle the AI development, training, and integration into the user’s environment. This allows businesses to interact with and search their internal data using AI, significantly reducing the time and costs associated with internal communication.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Optimize business processes through AI automation.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduce costs by minimizing manual labor.
  • Quick Implementation: Easily build and launch AI with simple steps.
  • Expert Support: Receive professional support from our dedicated team throughout the implementation, maintenance, and training phases.
  • Data Security: Data is stored in Google Cloud Storage, protecting it from external access.

Practical Applications

  • Onboarding Hub
  • Internal Catalog Search
  • Interdepartmental Help Desk
  • Customer Support Assistance

In these applications, AI can take over tasks that previously required significant time and effort from internal resources, saving both time and costs.

Service Pricing

  • AI Development and Delivery: Starting at SGD 4,400
    Initially, a 50% deposit is required to create a test environment where the AI’s responses to real data can be evaluated. If deemed suitable for business use, the remaining 50% will be charged to deploy the production environment.
  • Maintenance and Training Fee: SGD 440/month
    After delivery, a monthly maintenance and additional training fee will be applied.

Contact Information

For more details, please visit the TS Cloud website:

TS Cloud Pte. Ltd.

About TS Cloud

TS Cloud, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, operates across the Asia-Pacific region, providing cutting-edge AI technology solutions to support the digital transformation of businesses. Since its founding in 2007, TS Cloud has accumulated extensive experience and a proven track record, delivering optimal cloud and AI solutions to a variety of industries.

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