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Cashwagon Malaysia – Ascendancy through Unity

According to a report by innovation policy advisor Startup Genome, Kuala Lumpur is ranked 11th in the world as an emerging ecosystem for start-ups. One prime example is Cashwagon Malaysia, which has gained prominence as a leading Financial Technology (Fintech) company that leverages on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. International Business Review speaks to its Chief Executive Officer, Geoffrey Looi, to learn more about the company, and its plans for the future.

“Since our inception in 2018, Cashwagon has grown from a small start-up to a team of 70 individuals. It is never an easy task to build something from the ground up, and it is never the achievement of a single individual. As CEO, my role has always been to inspire my team to innovate, think creatively and strive for perfection

The basis for a strong, stable and successful organisation is a team that innovates, disrupts, changes things and makes progress. This is a “game changer” mind-set which I endeavour to personify in my everyday life. The very best individuals inspire others to be on top of their game, to make a difference, in whatever position they are in.

It is quite challenging for a start-up to flourish in the Fintech sector. However, we managed to reach break-even point within a year and continued to achieve the monthly targets that we set for ourselves.

Cashwagon Malaysia was named the Fastest Growing Fintech Company & Fastest Growing Online Consumer Loan Platform at the International Finance Awards 2019, and in 2020, ESQR (The European Society for Quality Research) awarded Cashwagon Malaysia the “European Awards for Best Practices 2020”.

Relevancy through Efficiency

Our platform, jointly operated by our local licensed lending partners, enables fast and easy access to a full range of financial products, powered by innovative and scalable digital technologies. Our proprietary technology is built on a rapid end-to-end automation system that leverages on advanced Artificial Intelligence and data processing capabilities to score applicants online with incredible precision and unrivalled fairness.

The result is a credit approval process that takes just minutes. In using our platform, our local partners are able to access advanced digital tools to run a successful micro-financing businesses empowered by cutting-edge technology while their customers are able to gain access to a wide array of financial services that are tailored to their needs.

Breaking Barriers to Success

Although the pandemic irreparably damaged many, we will all be starting a new chapter in 2021. With the knowledge and technology that we have, we hope to continue disrupting the financial industry with fast paced processes and automation for better efficiency. We will eventually be branching out to provide more Fintech services.

We have new exciting projects in the pipeline with new investors eager to join us. We will continuously expand our portfolio to other regions and with this, we hope to create more job opportunities to the citizens of the respective countries that we will be setting foot in.

Be it Cashwagon Malaysia or a new venture, we aspire to be the market leader in the industry, breaking barriers and overcoming obstacles together as a team, as a family.”

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