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Kenneth Kee – CEO, Origin Integrated Studios

Solutions for Better Hospital Management

Today, healthcare providers are adopting solutions such as hospital information systems (HIS), clinical information systems (CIS), and electronic medical records (EMR) that will allow them to carry out the nitty gritty of hospital management in a smoother and more efficient way. In Malaysia, Origin Integrated Studios has developed comprehensive hospital management solutions. CEO, Kenneth Kee, reveals the journey and his vision for the company in 2021.

“When we started in 2015, EMR was not that well-adopted by hospitals in Malaysia. In fact, we are the pioneering Malaysian company in developing EMR software solutions for hospitals. We first started with Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre in Penang, and since then we have expanded.

Altogether in the Klang Valley, we have around six customers, eight in the northern region (which are in Penang and Kedah), two in Perak, two in Melaka, one in Negeri Sembilan, one in Kelantan, and one in Johor. In total, we have 21 customers in Malaysia and even three in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Having started with EMR systems, we went on to develop HIS and CIS systems. We are proud that these systems were all developed locally by us, which means that we own the IP to them. This has enabled us to help hospitals digitally transform themselves such as doing away with paper and enabling seamless sharing of patient information across all hospitals.

Proudly Malaysian

We are also proud of being the leading Malaysian company in our field. In fact, our competitors are all from overseas, namely India, Singapore, Germany, the US, even Egypt.

What gives us that unique edge is that we are Malaysians, with the exception of one software developer from the Philippines. This ensures that our people are here to stay. This is opposed to foreign providers that bring in their people from overseas, and these people are on contracts, which are only for two to three years. And when they go back, they have to bring in another set of people.

Young, Passionate and Talented

I have to give credit to our team here, who are young, passionate and talented. Thanks to this team, we are creating world class Made in Malaysia solutions, and we are fighting toe to toe with foreign solutions. Above and beyond not just fighting with them, we are also replacing them. That shows that we are as good if not better than them.

So, for 2021, my vision is that we will keep on expanding our customer base. We have plans to increase our number of customers by another five hospitals this year, and we want to keep on setting the stage for Malaysia to be seen as a leader in hospital information technology.”

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