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Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh: Superstar Cinematic

Renowned for her unparalleled martial arts prowess, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s illustrious career spans decades and encompasses a diverse array of roles that have solidified her status as one of the most esteemed actresses in the industry.

In the words of singer and TV personality Soo Wincci, learn how she was inspired by Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh’s beginnings in Miss World Malaysia.

Originally appearing in Passions, Vol. 56, this article has been adapted for the digital realm and is now available exclusively on VOICE OF ASIA.

One of the women who has influenced me tremendously is none other than our own Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh. Not only do we share the same dreams, we also started from the same platform, Miss World Malaysia. after her carnation in 1983, she became an actress and slowly conquered the Asian movie scene and subsequently the world.

Her rise to celebrity status has taught me to go step by step, and never try to take short cuts. She has made Malaysia proud in the international arena. Her spirit and pursuit of her dreams never fades but instead becomes stronger as she moves from acting to becoming an entrepreneur producing her own films. She has also taught me that age and gender do not matter and that one should think beyond. It does not matter which country you come from, so long as you just keep working until you reach the top.

Her skill and talent continues to inspire me to keep on learning. She dares to take risks and keeps challenging herself, and has been instrumental in helping to change the perspective on women today. Michelle Yeoh is my idol and has my deepest respect. Maybe one day we will have the opportunity to work together. I hope so.

Contributor Profile

Soo Wincci
Singer & TV Personality

A former Miss World Malaysia 2008 who has developed a career which continues to flourish, Soo Wincci is often in the media and there are plenty of places you may have caught a chapter of her success story. On-screen, she finished in the Top 5 on Celebrity Masterchef Malaysia, in the charts is her collection of Mandarin albums such as In My Heart, and on the silver-screen she has performed in Malaysian dramas. She had a stint as guest DJ at One FM, and is a catwalk regular, modelling for the many esteemed Malaysian designers with whom she collaborates. Soo Wincci is a spokeswoman for XES Shoes, and in the past has been the local face of brands such as Avon and Samsung. Along with all this, she has found time to earn a PhD in Business Admin at Open University Malaysia to add to her Law Degree from Reading University. Hostess, model, singer, graduate, actress and now contributing writer!

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