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YB Ir Izham Hashim – State Exco, Selangor


There is a current trend in sustainability taking centre-stage among big corporations and the public at large and it is often easy to assume that incorporating eco-friendly measures is just about amending an organisation’s corporate culture to make the significant changes.

However, it may not be as simple as that, so we spoke to the man in charge of Public Infrastructure and Public Facilities, Agricultural Modernisation and Agro-Based Industry in Selangor – the most developed state in Malaysia and largest contributor to Malaysia’s economy – YB Ir Izham Hashim, to further understand how he is adopting the practice of sustainability and applying it accordingly to the state development process.

A more sustainable Selangor

In light of the goal of Selangor becoming a Premier Smart State by 2020, YB Izham Hashim has combined excellent leadership skills, an extraordinary team and a brilliant business model to align his department in realising a sustainable way of life for Selangor and its Rakyat. Nothing speaks louder than the success of Selangor Maritime Gateway which encompasses the revival of the Klang River – to be carried out in three phases, i.e. cleaning, rehabilitation and development. The first phase has been quite successful since its initiation, and YB Izham looks forward to the next stage of the project.

YB Izham believes that by adopting sustainable practices, it ensures the longevity and viability of the infrastructure in Selangor, and this is key in the state development process. It is evident he holds it in top priority and making it the state’s whole mission, stating “The way buildings are constructed and the utilisation of the buildings have to be sustainable and cost-effective just like what Selangor is doing through the Smart Selangor initiative.”

Fronting Potential Challenges

Getting all the parties involved is not an easy task but he feels that the move towards greater sustainability is something that should encompass all stakeholders. When asked about the challenges that might crop up along the way, he says, “Most people are sceptical but I’m very optimistic”. He goes on to add “with the organised and systematic way in which these initiatives are being carried out along with cooperation from both the government and private sectors, the future that lies ahead for Selangor is sure to be interesting”.

“Everyone should share a sense of responsibility because we all live here and sustainable infrastructure will not only help our state and nation grow, it ensures that growth can be maintained.” All these ambitious and exciting undertakings are part of the macroscopic plan to develop Selangor as the Premier Smart State, and sustainability is a vital element included in the string of initiatives propelling Selangor onto its next evolutionary stage.

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