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FGV Holdings Berhad | Dato’ Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor, Group CEO

Palm oil giant FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) has been shortlisted to receive the International Business Review ASEAN Awards 2022 for Corporate Excellence in the Commodities Sector for Sustainable Value Chains!

The Malaysian-based agribusiness company contributes 15% of the total annual production of crude palm oil (CPO) in the country and operates in 9 countries across Asia, the Middle East, North America, as well as Europe. Providing over 47,000 jobs, the company has 3 primary core businesses – Plantatations, Sugar and Logistics.

With a company motto that says “Sustainability First, Profits and Growth will Follow”, the Malaysian giant is committed to drive a sustainable business all the while tapping into new revenue streams from the circular economy to create more value.

In this regard, FGV has performed exceptionally. From implementing policies that safeguards the flora and fauna surrounding its plantations to introducing flexible harvesting arrangements for flood prone areas; the establishment of traceability system and procurement process within FGV also further ensured responsible and sustainable practices in palm oil value chain by improving the efficiency of supply chain management.

Due to FGV demonstrating excellent levels of competency towards being a global and sustainable food and agribusiness player, we are proud to congratulate FGV Holdings Berhad for being shortlisted!

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