Thursday, May 23, 2024

Enhancing The Investment Landscape in Malaysia | Daniel Bernbeck, CEO of Malaysia-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce (MGCC) is the largest international chamber of commerce in Malaysia and is extremely active in developing the local business landscape so that it accommodates the investments done by German companies here.

A major concern has always been that the availability of Malaysian skilled workforce do not match the specific skillsets needed by many high tech industries from diverse sectors that are investing in Malaysia. MGCC therefore places emphasis on placement first and then training to overcome this, as the training provided by many agencies and even universities very often falls far below the expectation and needs of the industry.

Join Daniel Bernbeck, CEO of the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce and our host Dato Beatrice Nirmala as he speaks to VoiceS of ASIA on the crucial problems holding back the progress of investments into Malaysia due to the mismatch of talents and industry needs and what he believes needs to be done to address them…fast.

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